Services Offered

Rina's Rocks is a community where science and the meta physical come together in universal harmony.
We offer an array of services and educational classes. We are beyond a store; we are an experience that awaits you!
The Store:
In our store you can come in and shop our expansive selection of tumbled stones, free formed crystals, fossils and rocks. We offer a great selection of gems, books, art work from local artists,pure organic essential oils, and very unique items from around the world. You can find our store hours on the Contact Us page.

Our Classes:
We offer a diverse class list which is ever growing. We intend on expanding our teaching base so as to offer more classes in the upcoming year. Some of the classes we will be offering this year include:

​• Reiki Classes and Sessions

• IET Energy Healing & Classes
• Meditation Classes
• Mineral Classes
• Children's Educational classes and many more
• Tarot Card Readings
• Therapeutic Massage

• Crystal Healing Classes........ and a whole lot more! 

• Guest Speakers from Philadelphia Mineralogical Society

Check The Calendar Of Events Page for More Info On Classes!!

Mineral Acquisition Services:
If you are looking for a particular mineral, rock or crystal, in a size, shape or color, which we do not carry, we will find it for you. We take many trips around America on rock quests and have many connections around the world.  Contact Us directly for these services.

If you have a collection or any crystals or fossils laying around you don't want anymore, we will give $$  for them!