I welcome you to Rina’s Rocks. I began collecting crystals about 22 years ago, and always dreamed of having my own store.             Sometimes dreams DO come true!

     It started out small like any other hobby, adding to the collection here and there. Small polished stones, then crystals. Soon I was adding to my collection constantly!!!  I then bought books about their chemical structure and tried to learn as much as I could. 
I knew that they had special healing energy in them when I had a piece of quartz I would use to heal my knee. This was years before I worked with Reiki or other healing energies.


     I also make fine jewelry with the crystals and minerals. Fast forward 10 years, I was selling my jewelry at a show and a gentleman said, “why don’t you sell your jewelry at 263 marketplace”. I said “good idea!”
When I went there, they told me that they had too many jewelers, what else can you sell? I said crystals, minerals and fossils. And so it began! I started out small and grew and grew. With each move , we introduced more holistic healing, Reiki, IET, Angel & Tarot Card readers and more.

     In addition, now I have joined the Philadelphia Mineralogical Society, which is a group of people who are collectors, scientists & hobbiests, who meet each month , have guest speakers, share information and go on digs.

     I strive to bring you the best quality crystals, minerals, and fossils, art work from local artists, and hand-crafted custom jewelry.

                       Blessings,  Rina 






Rina's Rocks

Store Location


(215) 443 - ROCK (7625)


Our jewelry is hand-made in store. Each piece is personalized with care and love for each and every customer. You pick your stone, and have it made into a unique piece of wearable art!


Healing classes for adults and children we also offer a complete holistic experience.

We carry a large assortment of books and incense, as well as unique gifts from around the world! Come and enter a magical place where stress melts away and a little piece of Mother Earth will brighten your day!

Our Vision

We offer our customers peace and serenity the moment you walk into Rina's Rocks.  We have an amazing collection of  large Arkansas quartz, crystals and hard to find minerals and fossils from all over the world!