Reiki Session


    Reiki is a form of touch using Universal Energy for the purpose of healing.  The client remains fully dressed while lying on a massage table with soothing music playing in the backround. The healer then places her hands on the clients body, allowing the healing energy to flow through them. This is very relaxing and reenergizing. The session lasts 30-60 minutes. 





Reiki Class


     Reiki is taught in 3 levels.

     Reiki I introduces the student to Reiki energy, how it feels, and how it is used. It gives the student the ability to heal friends, family, pets, plants, and self.

     Reiki II adds the ability to do distance healing . The student receives 3 special symbols that enhance their Reiki energy.

     Reiki III The Master/Teacher  As a master teacher you will receive 2 more symbols and the ability to teach. With this class comes a feeling of confidence and respect. At the same time time learning to be humble and grateful. In a possision to serve. 





Chakra Meditation


This meditation lines up , spins, and opens 10 chakras. 7 in the body, 2 in the earth, and 1 in the sky. Chakras are energy points or fields.  After a peaceful guided tour of the 10 chakras, the meditation continues, in a shamanic way, on a journey to a healing place.

 As you enter the space, you may sit on a chair or pillow with low lights and soft music. You are then guided through your own personal relaxing meditation. You don’t need any experience and beginners are welcome.  There is a $5 charge and Donations are accepted!








  There are many more classes , just check the website for more info!!   Have a Grateful Day!  :-)